The benefits of working with us

Ecoefect SV Ltd. is a woodworking company specializing in the production of finger-jointed panels and flooring made of solid wood, with which we transform your ideas, dreams and requirements into reality.

Our purposes

We guarantee to our customers:


  • a quick answer to your queries and questions
  • expert attitude and advice in your choice
  • timely execution of your order
  • fast deliveries
How we work

Each order is discussed and considered with the customer as split of dimensions, qualities, quantities and additional requirements, as finger-jointed panels with arranged lamellas in colour and pattern according to customer`s design. 

Why us Ecoefect

Consultation and advice for your choice

Your inquiries and questions are considered in time, so you recieve expert answers and advice on the most appropriate solution for you.

Correct and quality execution of your order

We monitor and coordinate with you the execution of the order at every stage of its production.

Expeditionary deliveries

Quality delivery is guaranteed by the right and good packaging, the choice of transport methods and feedback for each delivery.


The company is FSC® certified (FSC® C141717 Licensing Code) and can offer FSC-certified products at customer's request