For centuries, wood has been the only material for making furniture. Despite the success of technical progress that overturned our lives, people continue to produce natural wood furniture.

Moreover, thanks to the centuries-old experience of using different types of wood, by studying the properties of the wood, people have found the optimal way of manufacturing, processing and exploiting wooden furniture.

Undoubtedly solid wood furniture brings refinement and aristocracy.

The advantages, however, are not limited to the good appearance of the product. Solid wood furniture has exceptional health and retains its excellent qualities much longer than the use of alternative materials for production.

Solid wood is characterized by an expressive structure and almost complete absence of odor. It occurs mainly in primary cutting processing.

Oakwood has an expressive structure and a distinctively beautiful coloration. The breed is healthy. There are narrow sapwood that are of different color from the core and can be light brown or dark brown. Oak is characterized by high strength and bending ability. Due to the presence of tannin, in high quantities, oak is most resistant to decay relative to other types of hardwood.

The properties of this type of wood contribute to its easy processing, coloring and polishing.

Massive oak wood is widespread in the production of furniture as well as wood carving and decoration. Mechanical properties of the wood allow the production of curved furniture.

Another well-known type of solid wood is beechwood.

The beech wood has a nice texture and the color is white with a yellow-red hue. It can be said that some of its properties are close to those of the oak. The beechwood is solid, dense and bendable.