The use of the finger-jointing technology allow us to offer a flooring in length and width according to customer requirements within the technological possibilities.

When negotiating with the customer and against additional payment, we also offer the following services:


  • Chamfer or rounding. Bilateral or quadrilateral.
  • Making clips channels
  • Chamfer or rounding of the edges of the flooring in length
  • Surface treatment with oil
  • Packaging agreed with the customer
  • Lamellas and slats arranged in color and pattern according to the design of the customer

Ecoefect SV Ltd. is FSC® certified (FSC® C141717 Licensing Code) and can offer FSC-certified products at customer's request.


Ecoefect SV Ltd. manufactures flooring made of solid wood (mainly beech and oak) according to the individual specifications of the client, as well the company has in stock flooring with standard dimensions.

up to 4500 mm
up to 1000 mm
20 mm; 30 mm; 40 mm
Beech and Oak
Method of production
Finger-jointing, single-layered
Product quote

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